How do I turn off my headlights and tail lights?

Every make of vehicle is different. You will need to google how to keep your lights off when the key is on. Please do this before coming to the Drive-in. One common way is to just turn your auto lights off. Another is to turn your vehicle off, apply the parking brake and the lights will stay off. This does not work for all vehicles.

Does buying tickets online guarantee our entry to the show?

​Yes it does. We only sell as many tickets as we have spots available for each show.

Can I sit outside?
Yes in front of your vehicle or you can sit in the box of your truck or park your SUV backwards and open your hatch. 

This section is where you will find our most frequently asked questions

​The Theatre and Management assume NO RESPONSIBILITY for Injury, Property Loss, illness or Damage of any kind.

Management reserves the right to adopt or change any rule at any time, with or without notice, to best serve our customer and staff's safety as well as our best business practice.

Any other inquiries : Give us a phone call. (+1 778-855-7867)

Can I leave my vehicle engine running during the movie?
As long as it's not disturbing your neighbors.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes you can bring your dog/pet. They must be on a leash and fully in your control. You must also pic up after them. 

Can I smoke?
You can smoke. There are no designated smoking areas but we ask that you do it in your vehicle or away from other people.

Can I bring my own food?
No. Please support our local business by purchasing your concession items onsite. We have great prices and the popcorn is popped fresh and topped with butter!  

How do I hear the film?

Turn your key to the “accessory” position and tune your radio to 107.7FM to hear the film. There is no app to listen to the movie soundtrack; an FM tuner is required. If you do not have an FM tuner in your vehicle stereo you will need to bring a portable battery powered boombox or radio. We do not provide radios or power.

What happens if it rains?
The movie plays rain or shine or snow. There are no refunds

Where can I park?
Any spot that is open. It is first come first served and you can park in any space. 

Can I let my children run around?
NO. Remember there are cars driving around and restrictions on physical distancing in place. Please keep yourself and your family members inside the vehicle unless you need to use the washroom facilities. The playground is closed.

How do I order from the concession?

 The gate attendant will give you a menu when you come in. Fill it out and bring it to our cashier in the concession.  We will call your name when the order is ready. Please only send one person to the concession.

Can I bring alcohol or cannabis?

No. Leave it at home. Driving while under the influence is illegal.

Are washrooms available?
Yes, the theatre lobby will be open for washroom visits. . 

Can you still buy tickets at the gate?

You can if there are any tickets available. To guarantee a spot it is recommended you purchase online. Gate closes when the movie starts.

What What's the phone number? Drive-in movie information: 250-617-4342

What forms of payment are accepted? We accept cash, Visa and debit cards.

What time is dusk? Dusk is when it is dark enough to see the movie on the screen. Start times change during the season and the best way to know when a movie will start is to check out our home page.

What happens if it rains?  The movie plays rain or shine or snow. However, if there are less than 10 vehicles  before the first show starts, the show may be cancelled. In the case of fog, and we are unable to see the movie on the screen, Fog tickets will be issued for the next time you want to come to the drive in.

How many movies can I stay for? We play two movies a night and your admission is for both movies

Do I have to stay for all the movies? NO. You can leave whenever you want. 

What time does the box-office open? On Fridays, Saturday and sunday in the summer and FridAY,  sATURDAY  ONLY STARTING sEPT. the gate will open 90 minutes before the show starts.

What time should I arrive?  arrive early to avoid the long line-ups and/or being turned away if we are sold out.  Bring your hunger and enjoy some of the great food at the concession.

Can I get in after the show starts? YES. We do not shut the gates unless we are full. You can come in anytime. During the movie.

Can I get in just for the second show? YES. If the first show is sold out, we let in more cars if cars leave after the first show.

When are the last movies of the season? Ultimately it depends on the weather.

Do I need a car or can I walk-in? A car is not needed to go to the drive-in. Bring your lawn chairs or blanket and walk-in! You may also want to bring a fm radio or you can just listen to your neighbour's radio.

Where should I park? larger higher vehicles are to park in the back rows.

Where is the best parking spot? The best spot is the one that you pick. The drive-in is so well engineered that all the sight-lines are perfect from all parking spots.

Can I take two spots? Each vehicle is entitled to one parking space which is between the white lines. Please do not occupy additional spaces with lawn chairs or blankets. these can be placed in front of your vehicle.

I have friends arriving later. Can I reserve a spot next to mine for them? NO. Every parking spot is first-come, first served.

Can I park backwards? YES. You can pull in backwards and sit in the back of your vehicle. However, your back hatch must be tied down to the level of your roof so that you won't block people behind you.

Where are the speakers on the poles? GONE. We broadcast directly into your car's stereo nowadays. We broadcast in FM STEREO. Any radio can pick up the movie soundtrack - a boombox, walkman etc on fm 107.7

Can I leave and come back in? NO. Unless it's an extreme circumstance. Please see the box-office attendant. But for the most part, no in and out privileges.

Can I let my children run around the parking lot? NO. Remember there are cars driving around. They can play in the area in front of the screen before the show starts. Please supervise your children.

How many cases of beer am I allowed to bring in? ZERO. Drinking and driving is against the law. Please leave the beer at home - no alcohol allowed on the premises.

Can I bring a BBQ to the drive-in? NO outside food is permitted. You will be asked to leave should you bring food from home. no refunds. Please support our concession and buy Our hot dogs and hamburgers, or anything else we offer, as we have a huge selection to choose from. we offer unbeatable prices. 

How late is the concession open? About 15 minutes into the last show.

Are there any restrictions on the use of my stereo, like for example the volume? Volume and bass are restricted especially if other patrons complain; use your common sense. In the event of complaints, the sound must be turned down. Also, we only allow patrons to listen to our station while on the property (including before and during the shows and intermission). If you are playing a commercial station or a CD make sure you can only hear it in your own vehicle. Again, it's always good to check with your neighbours on this sort of thing before they might complain to us. If you refuse to abide by these rules you will be asked to leave the drive-in.

Can I talk during the movies? YES, if the people in your car will let you. That's the nice thing about going to the drive-in, you can talk during the movies! However, please be considerate of those around you; don’t yell or use profanity to disturb others. THINK about what you do before you do it.

Can I smoke? YES, you can smoke cigarettes, if the people in your car will let you. However, the building is a non-smoking building. Please do not smoke in the concession or washrooms. PLease make sure to discard of cigarette butts accordingly.

Can I bring my dog? No dogs or pets Are permitted on the grounds. Management will refuse admission to those bringing pets in. If found after you park you will be asked to leave. No refunds.

My car has daytime running lights that I can't defeat. What should I do? Most daytime running lights will turn off if the emergency brake is engaged. If this does not work, please bring cardboard or we sell covers at concession to cover your headlights. Every car has a trick to keeping the running lights off. Google or talk to the manufacturer to learn how.

Will my battery die? And if so, what do I do? Leaving your radio on should not kill your battery. Start your car at intermission to be sure its still alive. In the event that it does die, we have a booster pack in the concession for your convenience.

How much do the people in the trunk cost? People in the trunk are required to pay double the admission. please declare how many people you have in your trunk. Failure to do so will result in the ejection of your whole vehicle.

Can you tell me when you are playing a specific movie, or whats playing on a specific date? We usually know what movies are playing about 2 weeks before the playdate. All our confirmed playdates can be found by clicking here.   Movies are subject to change without notice.

How many cars does the drive-in hold? The Park Drive-In has a capacity of 200 cars, Depending on the size of vehicles.

How big is the drive-in screen? The park Drive-In's screen stands 20 feet off the ground and is 40 feet high by 80 feet wide.