Listen to FM 107.7 on your radio - If your car is without a radio you will need to bring a portable as we do not supply radios.

Apply park brake before starting engine - If you need to run your vehicle during the show, apply the park brake before starting the engine. That way your day time running lights wont go on. (Headlight covers are available at the snack bar for cars that are "different")

Keep feet off brake pedals during the shows - The movies are best enjoyed when there are no distractions

Vans, 4x4's & Motorhomes must park in the back row - Large vehicles can also park on the ends of the rows if the back two rows are full.

 Bring the kids...Save on babysitters! - The drive-in movie experience is great family entertainment. It's affordable and many of the movies are rated for children (check the movie schedule for ratings)

Turn your lights off! Figure out how to keep your lights off when idling your car. Not every vehicle is the same. Some you just need to turn the Auto-Lights off, some you apply the park brake before turning the car on, others you have to go into the cars menu to turn them off. Please google or contact the dealership to learn how to turn your lights off before you come.

Ticket gate closes when movie starts! To not distract customers the ticket gate closes when the movie starts

Our Drive-in Movie tips


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